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photo_stacy2Counselor for Women With Anxiety and Stress

What have I learned from therapy…

Let’s face it, life can be very stressful. With how fast things are moving day in and day out it’s so easy to get overwhelmed or feel lost and confused.

There was a time in my life when I was really anxious! As I was walking through some major life challenges, I would wake up anxious and stressed more days than not. It came to a point where I decided I couldn’t do it anymore. So, I started my own personal process. I believe as a therapist, by doing my own personal work, I am better able to understand and help my clients reach their goals. The best part of that process was that I was able to find some strategies that really worked! Now whenever I wake up worried or anxious (and it still happens sometimes), I have techniques to work through it. When I realized that even I could get to this place, I knew I wanted to devote my professional life to helping other people find peace and calm from anxiety and stress in their own lives. I would love to help you, too.

I consider it a special privilege to walk alongside my counseling clients as they are working through difficult situations, changes, and personal challenges.

While stress, anxiety and pain can rob you of enjoyment and growth, the great news is, they don’t have to.

What I have done as a counselor…

Over the past 20+ years as a counselor, I’ve had great success with hundreds of men, women, children, adolescents, couples and parents who have suffered with depression, anxiety, loss, self-esteem, relationship problems and a variety of other issues. My focus as a counselor is on helping my clients receive positive changes from which they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

In addition to my work as a therapist, I have experience in residential counseling with children/teens, was an adjunct undergraduate instructor at a small liberal arts college, supervised graduate students in a master’s counseling program, and provided consulting services for a school district.

And, for those who are interested:

Professional Counseling Credentials

MA Counseling Psychology—Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL
Certificate in Marital & Family Therapy—Adler School of Professional Psychology, Chicago, IL
Received designation of Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, LCPC with the State of Illinois
Registered Corporate Coach™ (RCC™)—Worldwide Association of Business Coaches
National Certified Counselor, National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC)

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