These 5 Signs Can Tell You If You Need to Seek Counseling

We all go through rough patches once in a while, but we always seem to bounce back, right? What happens when you’re just not quite getting back to an even keel, are continually feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and no longer feel like yourself? These are all signs that you may need to reach out to a professional Chicago counselor to work through whatever is holding you back. Whether you feel the need to work on communication and interpersonal skills or want to gain self-esteem, be on the lookout for these 5 signs that may mean it’s past time to get started working on YOU.

1. Your Friends and Family Suggest It

Ouch. No one wants to have a conversation where friends and family actually suggest that you need to get professional help. While you may have an immediate negative reaction to being “handled”, stop and think about the love that is behind the recommendation. Your loved ones want the best from you — and even if they don’t word it as carefully as they should, they have your best interests at heart. They might see that anxiety counseling will help you relax and enjoy life more, or feel that your relationship is struggling. Whatever the reason, if they have the courage to share their thoughts, it’s important to give them a listen.

2. Persistence of Negative Patterns

Maybe you’re looking back at the last few relationships and seeing a (negative) trend in the type of people you’re choosing, or perhaps you keep butting your head against the same wall of problems. Anytime you’re feeling stuck in a corner, a licensed Chicago counselor may be able to help bring yourself back to center and avoid negative triggers — and people.

3. Old Coping Strategies Are No Longer Effective

There comes a time in everyone’s life when hiding from your problems is no longer going to give you any relief. Instead, it’s simply going to cause you to pile problems on top of problems — until they become so heavy or unsettled that it collapses like a house of cards. If your tried-and-true stress or anxiety coping mechanisms are no longer effective, it’s time to try some external support from a counselor.

4. You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Let’s face it — life is tough. Adults are unlikely to have days filled with sunshine and butterflies and more likely to be dealing with frustrated co-workers, fussy children and spouses and a general feeling of overwhelm. If you have more days where you don’t feel like yourself than days when you are happy to get going, seeking professional assistance from a Chicago counselor may help you reduce your stress levels and find balance.

5. You Can’t Turn Off Your Brain

Overstimulation is a way of life, with devices and screens hitting us from all directions. When you add in the anxiety that can be caused by work deadlines or personal relationships, it’s no wonder that women are sleeping fewer hours than ever before. This doesn’t have to be a perpetual feeling — there are systematic ways that your counselor can teach you to help stop the cycle in its tracks.

When you’re feeling anxious, overworked and overwhelmed, don’t despair.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with hundreds of wonderful individuals just like yourself, and have seen first-hand the benefits of having a professional opinion to help you regain your center and inject joy back into your life.

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