Depression Services

For many clients, anxiety, mental stress and depression are interconnected, creating feelings of complete helplessness. If you’re feeling this way, my depression counseling services may help stop the cycle and give you your life back.

My depression counseling services are components of my therapy practice which offers counseling in anxietyworrystress, panic and depression as well as help with relationshipscareerparenting and other issues.

When you’re one of the millions of women suffering from emotional distress, my depression counseling services can provide a haven for relief and the beginning of a new path toward feeling better.

There is no firm line where mental stress leads to depression or vice versa, with anxiety often a component of both. As a therapist, I take a holistic view of whatever symptoms you’re experiencing as well as the situations in your life that ares contributing to—or resulting from—these symptoms.

For your convenience, I offer two offices:


Chicago Office

233 E Erie St. Suite 600
Chicago, IL 60611
Located 1.5 blocks east of Michigan Avenue across the stress from Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s ER
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Phone:(312) 810-0707
Parking: Valet parking is available at the Streeterville Center building. A $3.00 parking discount is offered for clients.

Naperville Office

445 W. Jackson Ave. Suite 206
Naperville, IL 60540
Located in downtown Naperville across the street from the River Walk and Centennial Beach
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Phone:(630) 346-7644
Parking: There is a parking lot in the back of the building or street parking is available.

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If depression is not what’s troubling you, here are other areas that I treat:

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