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Providing Counseling in Chicago Since 1999

“Stacy Perkins, LCPC specializes in counseling Chicago women who are suffering from stress for any number of reasons through her concentrated areas of practice.”

When anxiety, stress, worry and fear are undermining your happiness, career, relationships or even physical health, I’d like to help. I specialize in providing counseling in Chicago to women who are battling these symptoms and want relief.

Do you feel that anxiety is getting in the way of your ability to achieve goals, causing problems in your relationships, or wearing you down physically? Do you think that an experienced Chicago counselor could offer the relief you desperately crave?

If you feel any doubt that therapy will help, that’s ok. You only have to call and take that first step. Together with a counselor in Chicago, we’ll help you gain faith in yourself and make the changes that will bring you more peace and happiness.

You are not alone. You deserve to feel better, and I would be honored to work with you. I concentrate on counseling Chicago area women in the following areas of my practice:

Anxiety Counseling

Depression Treatment

Relationship Counseling

Career Counseling

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