Relationship Counseling Chicago

When anxiety is affecting your relationship — or your relationships are causing you anxiety — relationship counseling can help you get back on track.

Relationship counseling is a valuable part of my services for a simple reason: relationship problems are often a major concern for many of my clients who suffer from anxiety. The relationships in your life—with partners, spouses, other family members or close friends—can be your greatest blessings, but they can also be a cause of stress. Conversely, when you suffering from anxiety in other areas of your life, it almost always impacts your relationships.

Counseling can be helpful. Relationship counseling is an excellent option for Chicago couples who come in together to find help for the issues they’re facing, but I also work with many clients who seek individual counseling to talk through the problems they’re having with the relationships in their life, whether it’s marriage or parenting or relationships with friends and other family members.

Remember, seeking relationship counseling is not a form of failure—it’s a path to feeling better about yourself, finding calm and developing skills to overcome obstacles to have the healthy and fulfilling relationships you want and deserve.

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