The Many Blessings of Giving and Receiving Gratitude

You have probably had a time in your life when someone did something for you that melted your heart and restored your faith in humanity, but how did you react to that amazing feeling? Were you able to humbly be grateful for the gift and the giver, or did you feel the need to immediately reciprocate and “balance the scales”? One of the beautiful blessings of life is being able to give and receive gratitude gracefully, and without minimizing the gift or the giver.

Practicing Gratitude Daily

Practicing gratitude for others on a daily basis gives you an opportunity to get outside yourself, and focus on those who may need support in a variety of different ways. It’s true that we never know what others are going through, so being truly present and grateful when others go above and beyond to offer you a gift of time or talent repays their efforts at a deep and visceral level for your both. It’s all too easy to toss a quick ‘Thanks’ at someone for their work or effort, but taking time to breathe and truly absorb the work required can make all the difference in the world.

Accepting Gratitude Gracefully

When you do something special for someone, it is often done for the positive vibes and good feelings that come when you please others. However, the natural feeling that many women have is to minimize the work or effort that went into the act, and this is where we’re selling ourselves short internally. By accepting that we did go above the required effort at any level, we are acknowledging that we’re worthy of praise, and that our efforts were successful. That’s pretty tough for professional women who are used to always feeling anxious and stressed due to lack of time and focus.

Focus on Others

Boosting your well-being can be as simple as being thankful for everything that you already have in life – whether that’s personal relationships, professional goals or life experiences. This positivity is compounded when you realize that your frustration with your job is possible because you are fortunate enough to have a job when others do not. When your focus is on gratitude for the bounty that your life already contains, it allows you to get in touch with your emotional intelligence and support others who may be experiencing a challenging time.

When you are intentional about being grateful on a daily basis, you will find that there are small pockets of time where you forget about all of the challenges of modern life, and find yourself simply being present in the moment. Your sleep cycles may improve and your overall life outlook can be positively affected.

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Just knowing that you don’t have to work through these challenges alone can allow you to see that life can get better.  When your able to let go of anxiety, stress and pressure – you can be open to embrace an attitude of gratitude for all your blessings.


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